Enterprise OLAP on Hadoop

Easy DevOps, enhanced security, cell-level ACL, enterprise features blend well into your IT systems.


Sub-Second Query Latency

No matter how much data grow, get your results within seconds.


Seamless Integration with BI Tools

Continue your BI investment and extend for Big Data Analytics without pulling data to your BI servers


Deployed on-premises or on cloud


Analyze Massive Dataset within Sub-Seconds

Based on cube pre-calculation technology, extremely low runtime overhead.


Easy to Use

Seamless integration with your favorite BI tools.


Cost Saving

Build once, query fast, half storage. On-premises or Cloud.

Kyligence Cloud

Kyligence Cloud is an online data analytics infrastructure service based on Apache Kylin. By leveraging Kyligence Cloud, customer could focus on business requirement and data modeling only, speed up the data analytics process.

Based on Microsoft Azure HDInsight platform, Kyligence Cloud provides elastic computing architecture and pay-as-you-go price model, matches the dynamic computing requirement, reduces the operation cost and accelerates the business development on cloud.


Use Cases

China Pacific Insurance Co.

Being 1000 Times More Efficient.

GuoTai JunAn Securities Co.

An Investment Bank Grows Tripled Business Activities.

OPPO Electronics Corp.

A Top Smartphone Company Doubled Overall Performance Across 20 Countries.

Unleash Your Big Data Productivity